My name is Malgorzata Bukojemska, but please call me Margaret.

I’m Polish, I live in Poland, Europe and I was born a while ago (in 1964).

Most probably you are here because one of my Team members
gave you a link to this site.  If it’s not true but you want to join us
and start building your list and earn money at the same time
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There are no links on this site. 
I want everyone in my Team to be able to show this site
to all your/their leads.  If you choose so of course.

This site is not finished yet
– I will be adding new content and improving the existing one.

I often learn something new worth sharing with you. 


My own Road to Success (after years of failure)
has started when I understood that:

1)   I’m the only one responsible for my success or failure,

2)   I must have a list with names and email addresses of people
who are also interested in making money online.

3)   And – when I discovered TW 1K Team.

Because 1K Team creator wants to teach us (me, you) how to fish,
how to use the fishing rod that TW (TrafficWave) gives all of the members.

I’d like to invite you to join us as well.
Not necessarily today.  When you are ready.

This is the list of all the topics I believe important
to help you decide if our Road to Success can also become your road,
that is whether you want to build your list with our help and (hopefully)
start making money at the same time.

>> To Succeed I Must Know How No matter what I want to achieve
         (drive a car, swim, cook, speak and read in any foreign language)
—– – I must start by learning how to do this.

>> I prefer to Know How To Fish
        (how to operate a fishing rod) than just receive a fish.

>> If you don’t want to learn how to fish
         I know that you may never used any autoresponder yet.
         I understand that at the beginning the idea of learning how to use
——- an autoresponder may frighten you. – I can help you.

>> Why we can Trust TrafficWave   >> All About 30 Day Free Trial 

>> Why I Need an AutoResponder   >> Money Is In the List – How? 

>> This is How We Can Help You     >> The Truth about 1K Team